Tip of the Week - Did you know there is a Help Guide on Setting up a Profile?

We want you to enjoy the New OGA Portal.  Below is an outline of How to Join the Portal and Setting up Your Profile.  You can access this help guide at any time by clicking on the "Help" tab. There is also a Help Guide on "What Can I Do on the Portal?"

Please refer to this Youtube video link for a demonstration on what joinging the portal ooks like (please note that there is no audio available for the video). 


Accepting your Invitation to join the portal

  1. Please click on your Invitation to join the platform.
  2. Please identify which Class you belong to (ie. Which year you would have expected to complete Year 12 in regardless of whether you attended Year 12 - If you finished or would have expected to finish Year 12 in 1992 than you are the Class of 1992).
  3. You will be directed to your individual profile to update your information.
  4. Once you have successfully “logged on” to the portal you will receive a confirmation email from the OGA.


Steps in Setting up a profile

  1. Check your contact information is correct and edit if required (title, name, address, email, phone number).
  2. To edit a data field you need to click on the pencil icon.  Once you are finished updating you will need to slick “Save”.  If you do not click “Save” you will not be able to move to another field to edit it until the field you opened has been completed and saved.
  3. Within the “Contact” box you can edit your contact information and you may also select who will be able to see this information.  Your choices in the dropdown menu are (Visible to admin only, Visible to all users, Visible to all frequent connections).  You can choose to alter this for each of your contact details and change your selection at any time.
  4. You may also select your preferred method of contact
  5. Within the “Contact” box you can also link your profile to Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or a work/personal website. Please note that a direct link to your website is provided when other members click the link which appears as shown below at the top of your contact information. 
  6. To attach a photo to your profile click on the banner at the top with the picture of a camera.  You may then attach a photo you have on file.
  7. To select a different background picture for your banner on your profile click on the banner and then attach a photo you have on file.
  8. “Summary” can contain whatever information you would like to share about yourself.
  9. “Industry” please include whatever title best describes your type of work
  10. “Skills”
  11. “Somerville House Boarder” Please click this so that the slider shows blue to represent that you are a previous “Boarder”
  12. “Interests” allows you to make more than one selection
  13. “House” and “Generation at Somerville” will give you a drop down menu.  You may only select one of the choices.
  14. “Mentoring” and Associations with Somerville House all include a slider option.  If you select the slider to show Blue you are indicating a desire to be a “Mentor” or “Mentoree” etc.
  15. “Experience” and Education all require that you enter a FULL DATE (ie Day/Month/ and Year must all be completed).  This information may be an approximation and as a default we would recommend that you enter 01/01 as the day and month when you don’t know.  If you only enter the year your information will not be accepted and updated into the profile.   Your experience information is automatically saved into the "Business Directory".  You have an opportunity to "Create an Organization" here.  You can include a company logo and detailed information about your company.  Please take time to complete this form completely at this time as once it is created you are not able to edit it further.  If this does occur and you would like to make changes to the Organization profile please contact us for help at connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au. Please forward all changes you would like to make and we would be happy to help you in the back office.
  16. You are able to build a list of “favourite users” so that you receive notifications when they post as well as potentially display additional contact information.
  17. To return to your profile at any point when you are on another screen you only need to click the picture of your profile on the top lright of the screen (regardless of the page you are looking at).


Once you have entered the information you would like to include on your profile you are ready to have a look around and explore the rest of the portal and website.  There are a number of tabs across the top of the screen to assist you in finding information, news, events, and groups that may be of interest.  One of our main areas of development within the portal is under “Groups”.  Here we are able to set up Reunion groups, Interest Groups and Networking opportunities.  We also have our showcase of Inspiring Old Girls.  Please choose to “Follow” a group that you are interested in receiving updates on.  If you are interested in setting up a “Group” please let us know.  Please check out our other “Help” pages as required.


If you experience any difficulties at all please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance (connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au).

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