One of the best ways to link in with other alumni and interact with other Old Girls is to "Join" one of our "Groups".  Once you have joined a group you will receive updates if they post news pieces, create events, and host a forum on any topic.  You are also able to see media that they include in the group (photo, videos and documents). You can participate in conversations and add media with approval from the administrator of the group.  


Some groups are public and any logged in member can join them (Simply click the "Join" button);

- Big Sister Program (A Mentoring space where we will be looking to encourage mentoring relationships between our Old Girls and report on mentoring news)

- Success in Stilettos (Our key Networking Group - events are held a couple of times a year and key career news will be featured)  click here to register for the next event.

- Inspirational Old Girls (This is where profiles will be featured of "Inspirational Old Girls" who have been interviewed as part of our key project collaborating with current Somerville House students with support from Nance Haxton (Leading ABC Journalist) 


Other groups are private and any logged in member can "Request to Join" (the administrator is authorised to accept such requests);

- Reunion groups / Alumni Groups (any member who wishes to organise a reunion or establish a group to enable their cohort to easily cummunicate with each other and share images and stories etc related to that year group need simply email us at in order for us to set this up for you). These groups are set up as a "Member only" group so that members are accepted in on the basis of them being from the identified alumni year etc. If you are an allocated admin of this group you have complete control to personalise this space, set up forums, share images and media, link to relevent Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts etc. that are relevant to your cohort. 

- OGA Committee (This group is for OGA Committee members to conduct OGA business and therefore only has members who are in established committee positions).


Fancy setting up a new Group?? (This could be an Alumni Group, Interest/Hobby group, Sporting, Artistic etc).  There are many opportunities for new groups to be formed.  Contact us with your query and we would be happy to look at setting up a new group for you!



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