So you have set up a profile and want to see who else is in your Old Girls' Community......

1. Click on the "Members" tab along the menu bar at the top if you are on a PC and the menu icon on the top left of your screen if you are on a mobile phone and then select "Members" - you will see a list of all current members on the portal.  Our membership of the OGA is much larger than this and every day we have new OGA members activating their portal accounts so remember to keep checking back and remind your other OG friends to jump online and activate their accounts.

2. The Search tool bar on this page allows you to search for members in a variety of ways;

First Name

Last Name 



Under the "Keyword" field try typing in your alumni year (eg. 1987 if you completed Year 12 in 1987) to see a complete list of alumni from your year level who have activated their portal account. You could also type in the name of a profession eg. photography to see a list of all Old Girl's who have this listed as their profession.  A search under "Location" can also be really helpful if you are looking for other Old Girls' who might be living in the same city/country or nearby to link in with.  This function may also be helfpul if you are moving to another city/county.

There are also a number of more advanced search functions but the above basics are an awesome way to get started in connecting with your Old Girl Community.  

Remember we are here for you if you need any assistance in trouble shooting any features on the portal (




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