There are lots of ways to personalise your profile. Attaching a picture to your profile gives it a more personal touch.  The profile picture may be a head photo of yourself or a photo of anything that you feel happy to have representing you.  You can add a description of who you are and what you enjoy in "Summary".  You can be as creative and personal with this as you like.  

Adding or editing your profile is simple.  If you look to the top right of your screen when you are logged in you will see a letter in a circle (this is the first letter of your first name).  This is your link to your personal profile.  If you click on the icon you will see a menu that allows you to access your "my profile" where you can add/edit your profile.  If you would like to add a photo to your profile you need to click on photo icon in the centre of your personal banner and you can upload a photo.  You can also personalise your background to a photo of your choicel 

Enjoy getting creative with your profile!

For more information on setting up your profile click here!

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