As the Final QCS exams approach Somerville House Old Girls provide Inspiration

OGa Somerville House Old girls

The above panelists provided inspiration to our current Year 12 cohort today in the lead up to the QCS exams next week.  Team work was a major focus and a timely reminder that it is our relationship with others and our ability to work with others that will continue to play a role in future careers.  Somerville Spirit was proudly on display and we are so thankful for our panel of Old Girls who were so happy to contribute their tme and wisdom today.  Pictured with Liz Washington in the centre (OGA President) from left to right; Miriam Musgrave (1990), Sophie Stone (2001), Dominique Layt (1987), Alison Kolb (2004) and Eloise L’Estrange (2014). 


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