From left Pretoria Bilinski (1987) Dana Hobbs (Buckenham) (1991), Dominique Layt (Chair of Foundation and Old Girl Class of 1987), Emily Carrigan (Foreman) (1991) and Kerrie Mattiske (Foundation Director)

The OGA would like to pass on a HUGE congratulations to The Somerville House Foundation who ran a fantastic fundraising lunch last Friday, 6th September at the Frangipani Room, Emporium Hotel, Southbank!  Sunshine was bountiful with the early signs of Spring and the welcome warm with large banners on arrival and champagne to greet all attendees. Many an Old Girl attended to support the Foundation in their quest to provide a scholarship for a student who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Somerville House. 

Chair of the Foundation and Old Girl, Dominique Layt, opened up proceedings with a rousing speech and video showcasing past benefactors to the Foundation as well as recipients of the Scholarship fund to set the scene.  The Honourable Di Farmer (also an Old Girl) Queensland's Minister for Child Safety, Youth, and Women and Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence spoke passionately of her time spent at Somerville House and the impact this education has had on her life. She also spoke passionately about the importance of women as leaders and the pursuit of this and generously took questions from the floor.  Both Dominque and Di spoke of the strength and vision of Eliza Fewings who founded Somerville House and what a great role model she makes for all Somerville House girls!

Great excitement was generated by the drawing of raffle prizes generously donated and the audience enjoyed spirited bidding in the auction which contributed to an amazing overall result of the Foundation raising more than $38,000 for the Scholarship Fund.  This fabulous result demonstrates the generosity of the Somerville House Community in donating, attending, bidding and supporting Somerville House.  The merriment continued to the Rooftop Bar at the Emporium following the conclusion of the lunch and many Old Girls, Current Parents and other Somerville House Community will be sure to return to this event next year.  A quote from the Chair of the Somerville House Foundation (Dominique Layt) on the success of the day "The Foundation is sincerely grateful to not only those who attended our fundraising lunch, and helped us raise over $38,000, but to all members and donors past, present and future who allow us to support the goals of Somerville House.  Over the past 35 years the Foundation has raised over $14m for our school and we look forward to continuing to support Somerville when the new strategy is finalised and we are given a project to campaign for.  Our Somerville community is strong and we thank you all for continuing to support the Foundation to deliver."

If you missed out this year, be sure to look out for this event in 2020.  Please see below for a few photos of Old Girls at the lunch.  Feel free to forward your photos to be included in the media library for other Old Girls to enjoy (

                                                       Kara Rodwell (Ferguson) (1991) Liz Washington (1998), Dominique Layt (1987), and Miriam Bauer (1990)                                                                    

Annabel Deane (Vassella) (1992) Dana Hobbs (Beckenham) (1991)         

Kylie Fallon (Raymond) (1989) and Jodie Bignall (Lawson) (1991)


Class of 1987 Pretoria Bilinski (Irwin) Diana Burgess (Knox), Linda McKenzie, and Dominque Layt 

Anna Coles (Foundation Development Manager), Kerrie Mattiske (Foundation Director) and Di Farmer (Guest Speaker, Old Girl and Queensland Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence (Photo Courtesy of Somerville House).

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