Tip of The Week - You can Click to "Like" or "Comment" on News posts, Groups or Events

A great way to interact and connect with the Old Girls on the platform is to "like" or "comment" on news stories or other posts that Old Girls may make.  We can see some great connections being formed this way.  You might see someone who has just moved into an area where you live or that you may be moving to.  Reaching out to communicate on the platform is a great way to connect.  There are a number of places that you can interact on the platform this way including the "Live Feed", any of the "Groups" currently available and event listings.  The Reunion Groups listed under "Groups" in particular provide a great opportunity for Old Girls from that cohort to start up a conversation, forum, share a story, share some pictures or ask for information.  The Reunion Event is listed within the Reunion Group and you can also make comments here or ask questions, share memories and photos or suggest ideas.  The space can be as interactive as you would like it to be.  Have fun "Connecting"!



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