Sheppard performing to help raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation

Above photo courtery of OGA Twitter Account (Leadership Day at Somerville House 2016)

The Inaugural Nine Telethon Music Concert being held on Saturday 16th November recently announced their top band lineup including Sheppard, Icehouse and ARC to raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation. Both Amy Sheppard (Pop Singer, Class of 2008) and Emma Sheppard (Bassist, Class of 2011) are Old Girls and were boarders of Somerville House.  Emma started to learn the bass while at Somerville House and Amy wrote her first song at the age of 12. Their brother, George (Lead vocalist, Keyboard player and Pianist) attended brother school Brisbane Boys College. It would be unrealistic to think that school years were easy for all of us - for some they were particularly tough.  Amy gives us some insight into some of the challenges she faced and overcame during her boarding years in an interview from 2017 (see full blog here  "Because my family still lived in PNG, I ended up in a private all-girls heavily religious boarding school. It was a massive culture shock. At twelve years old, I was overweight, cripplingly introvertedand thrown into a world of uniform, beautiful girls, and dreaded cliques. Although this was a very uncomfortable time in my life, the experience only strengthened my songwriting and I eventually found my feet." Both Amy and Emma Sheppard have been generous in giving time back to Somerville House assisting at Leadership day in 2017, as pictured above.  We are enormously grateful for both of their support in contributing time back to the school and the upcoming generation of young women. 

The band has enjoyed enormous success winning muliple awards with their first album "Bombs Away" certified Gold and their second single "Geronimo" certified 5x platinum. Amy has also been a powerful promoter of healthy body image for women. Earlier this year she posted an unedited instagram photo of her bikini body with some cellulite on display. While initially thinking to correct the image she instead posted it unedited and proudly poointed out to her more than 60,000 followers that her body is not perfect. The powerful impact that this post had on both her female and male followers inspired the bands new song "Kiss My Fat Ass". The importance of strong leadership on accepting our own imperfections provides great inspiration for a generation of social media savvy women and men. For the full story please see this link and this link

Sheppard have also recently announced the release of their new single "Die Young" which you can stream here

Sheppard will be performing alongside artists Icehouse and ARC in what is sure to be an amazing concert to raise funds for the Children's Hospital Foundation at Queensland's new hub of music in Brisbane; 

Fortitude Music Hall

Saturday 16th November, 2019 

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster and being a licenced venue will only be available to 18+ years

George, Amy & Emma Sheppard said: “If we can help the sick kids of Queensland and their families by belting out a few songs alongside iconic Australian bands, what a trip, we are so excited to be involved. Come on Queensland dig deep!” (

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