Teachers and Staff of Honour List

Feb 20, 2020

The OGA is pleased to pay tribute to  Somerville House's Longest Serving Teachers and Staff with a "Teachers and Staff of Honour" list (see below). 

Left to Right: Sue McCracken, Chris O'Gorman (current school Chaplain), Margaret Valentine, Olivia Brusasco (Old Girl) and Sally Mack.

As young Somerville women, teachers influenced our lives in ways that spanned far beyond the classroom, shaping how we saw the world - and our potential. Teachers of Honour are Somerville staff members who have taught at the school for 20 years or more.  To these teachers past and present - thank you for your enduring commitment to educating young women. 

We are pleased to offer access to the portal to these Teachers and Staff of Honour and hope to discover a little more about "What are they doing now?" as well as foster reconnecting with old students and where their journey has taken them. Teachers and Staff need simply request membership online via the portal (www.somervillehouseoga.com.au/signup) or email us at connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au.

Teachers of Honour

  • Pamela Aitcheson   
  • Isabel Andrews 
  • Dierdre Anthony  
  • Jessie Andrews 
  • Virginia Ayliffe    
  • Arna Bennett    
  • Kathy Bird 
  • Lyndall Blackley    
  • Jill Bridgwood 
  • Wayne  Brittain  
  • Betty Brooks
  • Mavis Chappell 
  • Diana Chaundy    
  • Libby Constable  
  • Narelle Cooley 
  • Penny Comino 
  • Constance Cotton
  • Michelle Crouch    
  • Pamela Davenport 
  • Anne Dun    
  • Carolyn Eisenmenger nee Black 
  • Loreta Fin 
  • Gail Hart 
  • John Honeywill 
  • Trish Honeywill  
  • Norma Horton 
  • Gary Hunt   
  • Lorraine Huxley
  • Joanna Gardiner    
  • Ruth George
  • Aileen Godfrey 
  • Hazel Gray
  • Nancy Green        
  • Sheila Jamieson
  • Kate Long     
  • Dell Matches
  • Robyn McCourt
  • Sue McCracken  
  • Alayne McDougall 
  • Erica McLean  
  • Barbara Merefield
  • Mary Miller
  • Ina Morgan 
  • Marion Morrison  
  • Helen Muller 
  • Avril Najman   
  • Kathleen North 
  • Nancy North 
  • Denise Parker      
  • Sandy Pfingst    
  • Gaye Pitman     
  • Fran Popenko
  • Phyllis Postle
  • Roslyn Prasad   
  • Tony Rogers 
  • Lynne Schlyder  
  • Doris Scott 
  • Nancy Shaw 
  • Nicki Silva     
  • Alan Skinner
  • Ailsa Shield 
  • Tim Smetham    
  • Bev Soden 
  • Di Spillane    
  • Louise Staunton Smith nee Ellingham
  • Tania Stukalov nee Filatov 
  • Gaye Travers   
  • Margaret Valentine 
  • Nina Walker    
  • Dorothy White
  • Felicity Williams 
  • Bill Wilson 
  • Christina Wilson

We have ensured the above list is as accurate as possible, but as the school's early employment records were held across different systems, staff member names might be missing. If you believe someone should be added to this list, we'd love to hear from you at connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au. The "Teachers of Honour" list can be found at anytime on the website (https://www.somervillehouseoga.com.au/page/teachers-of-honour-somerville-house). Feel free to check back anytime to see who else has made the list.




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