SPECIAL PROMOTION on OGA Reusable Coffee Cups and Water Bottles - Help Clean up Australia!

To coincide with 30th Anniversary of Clean up Australia Day on 01 March 2020, the OGA are launching a six week sale on reusable coffee cups and water bottles.




Single use coffee cups, plastic water bottles and single use plastic bags account for 3 of the top 10 garbage items going to landfill in Australia.

2.7 million single use coffee cups are used each day in Australia. They are plastic lined and 92% go directly to landfill.

373 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year. From an economic perspective, thousands of dollars are spent per year on plastic water bottles.

If the average person purchases one 600mL plastic water bottle per day at $3 per bottle for 5 days of the working week, that’s $15 per week.

Over a 48 week working year, that’s $720 per year.


For a six week period the OGA is offering a $5 discount on reusable coffee cups and water bottles , down to $15 (from $20 each).


Each item is in eye catching lime green with an OGA logo.

Postage is a flat rate of $10 per order.

With each purchase you will receive an A4 sized OGA reusable bag.

For purchases of 2 or more items you will receive an oversize OGA reusable shopping bag.


Please order via an email to connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au .

You will then be sent banking details for direct deposit and a request for your mailing address.


Please note the promotion will start on 1st March and end at 5.00pm on Friday 10th April, 2020.


Thank you for supporting the OGA and the environment!

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