Do you have Family Members who are also Somerville House Old Girls? We have a New Update for you!

A number of our Somerville House Old girls have many family members who have also attended Somerville House and Multi-generations of Somerville House Old Girls.

Old Girl Isabel Bauer (centre) with her two daughters, Rebecca Bauer (left) and Miriam Musgrave (Bauer) (right)

We have updated the information that can be collected in your individual profile to capture not only what generation of Somerville House Old Girl you are but also what other relatives you have that are also Somerville House Old Girls!  This way your family tree can be more easily captured and we can paint a better picture of your family and it's relationship with Somerville House.  We have listed the steps below for you so that you know how to update your personal profile with this important information. 

1. Log into the portal (

2. Click on your profile picture (this will be a picture of you in the top right hand corner like below or the first letter of your name)

3. You will be given the below options.  Click on "My Profile"

4.  You profile page will appear like below

5. Please click on "Edit" highlighted in blue in the top right of the box. This will allow you to make changes to any of the information in your "About" part of your profile. 

6.  Please scroll down to the section labelled "Generation of Somerville" where you can enter which generation of old girl you are.

7. Then click on "Names of Relatives who Attended Somerville and Relationships to you" and enter these details. 

Please contact us ( if you require any assistance.  

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