SHEPPARD donates 100% of proceeds from latest song to FRRR +WIRES - inspired to help following the Bushfires and Let's Talk about Body Image

Brisbane Band Sheppard, including both Old Girls Amy Sheppard (Class of 2008) and Emma Sheppard (Class of 2011) along with their brother, George (Brisbane Boys College), go from strength to strength in supporting their local community with the recent announcement that 100% of proceeds from their latest song "Phoenix" is to be donated to FRRR (Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal) + WIRES (Australia's largest Wildlife Rescue Organisation). Amy Sheppard spoke recently with 97.3FM to explain that the lyrics to "Phoenix" describe the resilience of Australian people and the nations ability to rise from the ashes. What a powerful sentiment for what has been a devastating time for many Australians.  Thank you for getting behind your community Amy, Emma and George!

You can purchase the single "Phoenix" on iTunes, stream on @spotifyaunz or @applemusicau.

Amy Sheppard also spoke witwith 97.3FM about her role in the Positive Body Movement. She has also speoken with "The Guilty Feminist" podcase and has joined the "9Honey" team as a regular body image columnist. Her first column for 9Honey is a powerful piece detailing her overcoming poor body image and confidence to becoming the body confident strong woman that she is today in a position to empower other girls to do the same ( Please see our earlier story on Sheppard ( describing some of Amy and her sister's earlier life and her rise as an important influencer on body image in 2019. Her instagram account (@amysheppardpie) showcases frequent posts of Amy sharing realistic pictures of herself in swimming togs demonstrating a healthy body image to inspire others to also love their "imperfect" bodies. Amy often includes inspirational words to inspire her followers such as "So often we aren't critical of other women's bodies but we are excrutiatingly critical of our own. What if we tried to see ourselves through someone else's eyes? How does your best friend see you? How do you see your best friend? Chances are there is nothing but love and admiration there. Shift your perspective to see your body as your best friend - your body is there for you, it does SO much to be thankful for and it deserves love, appreciation and respect." and ""Stop living in the 'when my body looks better' fantasy. So many of us are waiting on the sideline because we are too scared.  We promise ourselves that 'we will do it one day' but only once we LOOK worthy enough. Life doesn't begin with the perfect body. Life is happening right now and every day we spend worrying about how we look is a day wasted. Choose your happiness over other people's opinion!". What a fabulous role model this Somerville House Old Girl provides to inspire our younger generations of girls to have the confidence to love their bodies!  We can't wait to see more of your and your family's journey!

See Below link to full interview with 97.3FM.

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