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Old Girl Jasmin Forsyth (nee Geisel) (Class of 2000) and her husband TV cameraman Chris co-run Brisbane based Media Force Productions, a one-stop shop multi-media production house.  However, like many businesses at present, COVID-19 has created a bump in their media practices; while they would usually be able to work with small groups or teams of people - on a TV set, on location, or in a corporate environment - the current restrictions has meant most of their business has moved to a remote model.

For decades, while specialising in TV production, corporate and small business video production, as well as PR/media management, COVID-19 has seen them adjust their business offering, to incorporate another professional yet affordable option for their clients - one which, according to Jasmin, is appealing to a broader cross section of the community..... including clients who may not have even considered video promotions.  

In speaking with Jaz she radiates with enthusiasm for her work, as well as her time spent at Somerville House where she attended 1995 - 2000. "Somerville represents a truly wonderful time in my life. The unrelenting support, my family and I were offered by the school - especially as I was completing senior schooling and swimming - was exceptional, and so appreciated." 

Jaz goes on to explain how the school helped her achieve her dreams in swimming creating a flexible academic program spanning Year 11 and 12 across three years - instead of two - allowing her to swim, as well as travel accordingly on QLD and Australian teams. After years of swimming success, national records, as well as national and international medals, she prematurely retired in 2000 due to an ongoing back injury. 

While at Somerville Jaz was honoured to share several leadership roles including Golden Key, Co-Sports Captain, Vice Swimming Captain and Prefect.  She remains on the Honour Board in the Sports Hall. She is appreciative of the values and friendships she has gained from her time at Somerville House, insisting, "the friendships nurtured, the education gained, and the self-respect we were each taught as young women and aspiring professionals while at school, were, and have been entrenched into my being."

Pictured with fellow Old Girl and good friend Kirsten Castley (nee Polson) at their 20 year reunion (2019)

Jasmin is a skilled media professional, with over 20 years of diverse industry experience across leading roles in PR, Communications and TV Media. Uniquely, Jaz has actively and successfully married journalism, multi-media productions and PR roles, in order to achieve optimal communications impact for her clients.

Co-running Media Force Productions - formed in 2009 - Jaz consults as a PR & Media Manager, and freelances as a Journalist/Producer/Content Creator in a range of media services, to clients in TV, corporate, small business, not-for-profit and for individuals alike.

She has worked on many TV series including Totally Wild, Totally Footy, Weekend Extra, Extra, The Franchise Show, as well as News, Sport and special events, including as a narrator on a Polar Bear documentary. "TV life was incredibly fun, high-paced, and certainly unique - nearly every day was different... I could be on the MCG kicking about with an AFL footy captain, flying a Microlight over Wollongong, playing with baby red pandas at Mogo Zoo, MC'ing galas, attending special events (a highlight was the Logies), or even filing a news report or preparing for a live cross.  I certainly loved the excitement, and diversity in varied media styles - experiences, I have been able to broadly apply to my clients, their unique situations, and general working environments ever since." 

Swimming has remained a core passion for Jasmin. Through her business, she operates as a PR and Media Manager/Consultant to Rackley Swimming and their chain of swim schools and leisure sites, as well as a multi-media consultant to industry body - Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA).  She also spent three years as the National PR and Media Manager for Swim Australia.  Her professional roles have also seen catch-ups, with fellow Somerville House Old Girl swimmers Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) and Lisa Curry. Jasmin and her husband have two beautiful children, Asha (8 years old) and Jett (4 years old). 

Jasmin (right with her son Jett) pictured with OG Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) (Class of ) and another fellow team mate in 2016

Pictured with OG Lisa Curry at the 2019 Modern Woman Expo where Jasmin was MC

Son (Jett) and daughter (Asha)

While the current climate with COVID-19 has impacted on the way they usually operate, Jaz is enjoying the challenge of being able to offer a more flexible service for all budgets, even assisting some businesses, who may not have considered multi-media promotions and video messaging. 

"Just because we're social distancing - and work may have slowed down for some businesses - it doesn't mean we need to disconnect completely from our clients and core community".  Jaz elaborates.

"In fact, communication and staying in contact has never been more important. That's why we created our "COVID-eo Package" - and yes, there's a very intentional pun there!". "Working with our clients, we can co-produce a pack of unique, branded, affordable and professional videos. They may be a short business update, product promotion, an info-rich interview with another industry expert via Zoom, or all of the above. We can help." 

Jasmin says, the twist is in the way the videos are recorded, a way to adhere restrictions while also keeping costs down. "But there's so much more that goes into it. We can provide production advice and media tips, discuss creative concepts, as well as offer our professional editing and licensed music options. We also connect via Facetime chats, so our clients are confident with their 'shoot'. Regardless of whether it's a COVID-eo, or one of our more traditional shoots, our aim is to exceed expectations."

While Jaz appreciates many businesses are doing it tough, she says the importance of staying connected with clients, is key to a business' reboot, especially once the restrictions have eased. "Clients want to know you're there for them - even if you-ve temporarily closed, or are trading differently.  Showcasing what you've been doing, or how the business or service will look after COVID, can really help build or maintain your core community of supporters." 

For any business thinking of media assistance or video production, Media Force Productions says they'd welcome a chat, especially from our Somerville OGA community, to explore synergies and options.

As restrictions ease, Media Force Productions will resume their pre-existing full-suite of professional services, which will also include their popular COVID-eo's. For more information, click on their website, or find them on facebook - Media Force Productions. 

Please support Old Girl Jasmin Forsyth (nee Geisel) and her OG Business "If you've always wanted video content, now is the time... it's never been so affordable, while ensuring your brand's stance and professional edge is upheld. Media Force Productions - we've got you!" 


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