Congratulations to OG Jillian Kingsford Smith (Class of 1987) on her new book "Taking Control Compassionately"

Congratulations to Old Girl, Best-Selling Author and Journalist Jillian Kingsford Smith (Class of 1987), who has recently released her new book, "Taking Control Compassionately: Stories of the Unique Human Spirit".

Celebrating International Year of the Nurse in honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, Best-selling Author Jillian Kingsford-Smith (Class of 1987) has released her latest book "Taking Control Compassionately". Jillian shares 'behind the curtain' stories that reveal the ardent path of Specialist MS nurses from around the world. The current Covid-19 health crisis highlights even further the very important role our nurses play in guiding us with strength and resilience through these challenging times.

Jillian is an award-winning journalist who turned her hand to authoring books in 2012, when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 42. Inspired by her own journey with MS and observing gaps in the reading material available she set about taking control of her course to understanding and living with MS and sharing this with others through her writing. "Taking Control Compassionately" is the third book in the Taking Control series which explores living with a chronic illness from a 360 degree view - That of the person living with MS in "Taking Control", that of the carer or support network in "Taking Control Together" and the final book "Taking Control Compassionately" which details the passionate work of nurses globally. 

The personal accounts in her latest book illustrate the hidden and often enormous lengths Specialist MS Nurses go to in providing care for those who they treat. Jillian outlines the complexities of the environments which these Special Nurses find themselves in including rural and remote locations, refugee and homeless patients and Specialist Paediatric Nursing. She muses on the multiple roles required "Specialist nurses become a one stop shop. As the stories throughout the book will illustrate, they can be considered part psychologist, part councillor, part clinician, part medical interpreter, part social worker, part educator, part mediator... and the list goes on." 

Jillian inspires the utmost respect to the many wonderful nurses we are fortunate to have "My greatest wish in chronicling the lives of these nurses is that their selfless efforts and pursuits will be recognised and inspire action. Be that action for others to enter this tremendously vital - and by all accounts very satisfying - profession. Or that policy-makers and philanthropists globally will feel the impetus to support this profession because of the fundamentally postive effect a specialist nurse will have on nurturing their patient back into the fabric of society.... and often those people will return to their lives more successfully, healthier or inherently as better human beings than before."


Book Details:

Published by Take20 Stories, distributed by Ingram.

RRP: $24.95 paperback. $9.99 Kindle digital edition

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Jillian is also the global ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS and is spearheading the newly created OGA Mentoring Program


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