Anzac Day 2020 - We Honour those who have served and sacrificed

The OGA thanks all Old Girls who have served and sacrificed for our Country.  We are pleased to feature a list of more than 100 Old Girls who served during World War II on our website at the following link

The avove two Old Girls received His Majesty's high appreciation for distinguished service in WWII (Credit for image to "History of Somerville House (The Brisbane High School for girls) 1899 - 1949" by Phylis G. Freeman (1949)).

Saturday 25th April, 2020 was an ANZAC day like no other.  What a pleasure it was to note the special efforts made by so many in the community to honour the many service men and women from their homes and driveways. The ANZAC spirit remains stronger than ever and reminds us of our ability to overcome adversity.   

We are proud of the history of Somerville House in stepping up to provide support in times of need including their role as a base for the United States Army in World War II. We give special thanks to Lyndal Cox (Class of 1973) for her dedicated research to compile the aforementioned list.

We understand that there are many more Old Girls who have served their country and would like to encourage you to contact us to provide details of your service to ensure that we keep our records updated ( 

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