Lyndall Blackley - features on our "Teachers of Honour" list ( after a distinguished teaching career spanning 37 years at Somerville House. Lyndall taught at Somerville House from 1975 - 2012 including at different times RE, English, French, German, Japanese & IT. She was also in charge of MacArthur Co-ordination from about 2002 to 2012.  

Since stopping teaching in 2013 Lyndall has been volunteering in the Somerville House archives.  The archives are fortunate to benefit from Lyndall's vast knowledge and memory of the school. In the archives Lyndall works hard on keeping lists of multi-generation families. In compiling this information she has noted the shortage of a complete list of Boarders who have attended Somerville House.  The boarders and boarding house life has been so important throughout the life of the school that she have taken it upon herself to try and make as full a list of boarders as possible. While in some instances there will be a maiden name, the married name may not be tied to this list or other relatives. This work will also tie in to her focus on completing family connections in multiple-generation families.

If you were a Boarder of Somerville House or know of a Boarder, please consider helping Lyndall in updating the Boarder information available.  If you can help please email Lyndall via this LINK. She is seeking the following information;

- Full name, including maiden name and married name, if using.  For example: May Ann Jones (Mrs J D Smith). If  Mary Ann is not using her husband's name, she could add "Still known as Jones" or something like that.

- Years at school. For example 1987 - 1991 Yr 8 - Yr 12.

- Family home (not the full address, just the town or suburb is enough) at the time of boarding. For example: Cunnamulla 4490.

- Current town or suburb 

- Maiden names of any relatives who have attended the school. For example: Daughter: Ann Marie Smith; Mother; Susan Alice Smythe (Mrs Jones); Grandmother: Suzanne Alicia Carpenter (Mrs Smythe). Great-grandmother: Ethel Esme Brown (Mrs Carpenter).


"I look forward to hearing from anyone who is kind enough to help me with my list. I might well have taught them, and if so, will very possibly remember them." says Lyndall Blackley.

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