Letters from Year 6 Students to some of our more Senior Old Girls

In our response to Covid-19 it has been important to touch base and check in on our Old Girl Community.  This has taken a variety of formats from checking for any needs via our news digest and emails as well as phonecalls from Somerville House staff and letters to some of our more senior Old Girls. 


We thought it would be lovely to share with you some of the beautiful work that current Year 6 students have put into writing letters to our Senior Old Girls which have been recently mailed out including beautiful messages with colourful drawings, stickers and pictures of frogs.  We hope our Old Girl community enjoy receiving these letters.  We are grateful for our Somerville House community working together to support the community over this time. While we have been able to reach many of the community via these methods there are a number of Old Girls who we have not been able to contact and it is possible that we do not have up to date email, address or phone number details. Please contact us if you are aware of a more senior Old Girl who has not heard from us to let us know up to date details to ensure they are able to receive communication. If you know of an old girl who requires assistance please reach out to us at connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au

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