Did you know there are currently 79 Businesses listed in the OGA Business Directory?  There are hundreds more needing to be added! 


Have you updated your latest career and industry information in your profile?



Being part of a large community like the OGA provides fantastic opportunities to connect both socially and professionally.  The OGA network is enormous and there are hundreds more business and workplaces that have not yet been updated.  The more members who are able to update this information means that it will be easier for sub-categories of industries and professions to connect and support each other on a local, national and international level. We can also look to create professional sub-groups by industry or interest as well to better meet specific needs. There are some very simple and quick steps you can take to give yourself the best opportunity to network:


1. Sync your OGA profile with your Linkedin Profile

2. Personalise your Business listing on our Business Directory



Syncing your OGA profile with your Linkedin Profile is super easy and takes two minutes (we have outlined the steps below);


Step One: Log into OGA Portal and click on your profile (this is either a small picture of you or the first letter of your name - see below picture) If you click on this it will show a dropdown menu - select "My Profile"




Step Two: Within your personal profile banner please click on "Update from LinkedIn" at bottom right of your banner in blue (see below image)



Step Three: A box will appear asking you to Log in to your LinkedIn account


Step Four: You will be asked to confirm that you want to allow a link with your LinkedIn data - click 'Allow'


Step Five: A box of your Linked in data will appear. By default all of your LinkedIn profile information including profile picture will be ticked.  You can untick any information you do not wish to be synced with the OGA portal


Step Six: Scroll to the bottom of the box and click on 'Sync Selected Data'


This will lead to automatic updating and syncing of your information as well as updating your OGA portal profile. Career information that is updated in your OGA personal Profile will automatically be included in the Business Directory. This Directory is only available to OGA members and allows you to see which organisations have Old Girls working at them.  You can also update your 'Industry' information in your personal profile (including students who are studying in an industry area).  A great way to network is by searching an industry by name on the 'Members' tab Search function you will be able to see which other Old Girls are in the same industry as yourself.  In the below example 'Health' was entered as a keyword to identify OG members who have identified in their personal profile that they work in this industry.  We hope to see many more members update their Industry information as well as their career information to allow much larger networking groups. You can also search under your alumni year group in the keyword search to see who else in your year group is on the portal. 




Personalising your Business Directory listing is another great way to bring attention to your Business and create opportunities to network.  This may include adding your personal logo, details about what kind of services that your business provides, staffing, and any special projects or other important information you may wish to share with the OGA community.  You can also include URL links to your Business as well as other contact information. While the directory doesn't allow you to make edits to this information once you have completed it - should you wish to make edits or add information or images we can always assist you to make these changes. Please contact us if you would like any assistance in updating the look of your business on the Business Directory on connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au.


If you are interested in more general information on how to use the portal please visit our Help Guide https://www.somervillehouseoga.com.au/page/help.






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