Interview with Norma Horton on teaching at Somerville House in 1935.

We were very excited to spot a recent facebook post from the State Library Queensland (SLQ) providing links to showcase two interviews conducted in 1991 with Norma Horton, who joined the staff at Somerville House in 1935 during Miss Jarrett and Miss Harker's time. Norma taught at Somerville House for 20 years and details a number of personal anecdotes including her time with the ladies and their parrot named "Archie" as well as their love of camping.  Norma grew up in rural queensland on a farm in Kalbar where the local school she attended first gave her a love of Geography. Early in her career Norma was a resident teacher with Boarding School duties and also went on to teach in Maths, Physiology and Geography.  Norma's interview provides a fascinating first hand account of not only her own experiences but a key piece of Somerville House History.  Her accounts make very entertaining listening and we highly recommend checking out the below links provided by SLQ.

Norma's interview is part of the Somerville House Centenary Oral Histories, and ready for you to transcribe on Amplify. The first interview contains information relating to the earlier history of Norma as well as her earlier experiences at Somerville House.  The second interview includes more significant detail of Norma's time teaching, detailing life as a teacher at school, including life as a boarder and stories of her relationships and time spent with other teachers and students as well as teaching during World War II. You are welcome to assist in improving the accuracy of these transcripts and enable others to discover the voices of Queensland for years to come. Please click on the below links to listen to the interviews of Norma Horton.

Part A:
Part B:

To see the full Facebook post from SLQ click HERE.

If you are interested in hearing more historical interviews conducted with previous staff of Somerville House there are a total of forty-six interviews recorded as a series to mark the Centenary of Somerville house in 1999. Please see the entire collection available via this LINK.

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