Old Girl Dr Abigail Allwood Launching Space History This Week!

Old Girl Dr Abigail Allwood Launching Space History this week

Old Girl Dr Abigail Allwood’s (Class of 1990) already ground breaking work in the field of astrobiology will take a dramatic leap forward this week with the launch window of Mars Perseverance Rover Mission scheduled to commence from Thursday 30th July.  Dr Allwood is the first woman and the first Australian to lead a team on a NASA Mars Mission. Dr Allwood is the mission’s principal investigator for her Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry (PIXL), one of the seven highly sophisticated scientific instruments to be on board the rover. The PIXL will be remotely operated by her team back on Earth and have the role in analysing the chemistry of Martian rocks searching for signs of ancient microbial life.


The Rover will take 8-9 months to reach the Red Planet and surface mission length is 1 Mars year (669 Earth days).

NASA invite the public to share in the excitement via their live launch website and various social media options.


The Somerville House OGA wish Dr Abigail Allwood and all the Mars Perseverance Team a successful launch and investigative mission.


Miriam Musgrave (Bauer) Class of 1990

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