Congratulations Abigail Allwood (Class of 1990) - Joint Winner of the Advance Global Australian Award 2020

Congratulations Abigail Allwood (Class of 1990) on being named joint winner of the Advance Global Australian Award 2020.

The award was established in 2012 and recognises the work of remarkable Australians making an extraordinary impact on the global stage.  This year the event was livestreamed on 15th October, 2020. Congratulations to Dr Allwood and Mr Tim Klay joint winners of the Advance Global Australian Award 2020, the first time the top gong has gone out to more than one winner. For more information about the awards and the complete list see HERE.

Dr Allwood is a geologist and astrobiologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is currently the principal investigator on the Mars Rover 202 team searching for evidence of life on Mars using the Planetary instrument for X-Ray Lithochemistry. She is the first female and first Australian investigator on a NASA Mars mission. Yasmin Allen, Chair at Advance said "Dr Abigail Allwood is a name every child in Australia should know. A true hero in her field of space technology and the first woman and Australian, to be invited on a Mars mission."

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