Announcing the launch of the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary

The OGA has just launched a new and perpetual bursary named in memory of legendary Old Girl, and our longest standing President, Isabel Bauer.

The postgraduate bursary will provide $5,000 for a specific and approved purpose annually, to support an Old Girl in fulfilling her potential. This could include community or philanthropic activities, career advancement, further study, innovation or research. The epitome of a 'Somerville girl', Isabel was a strong, intelligent and generous woman who was cherished by her community. The OGA is honoured to announce a new bursary in her name. The OGA will call for bursary applications in early 2021. 

Isabel Bauer (class of 1955) is integral to what Somerville House is today. She was the OGA's longest standing President, leading our alumni for over 20 years and serving on the Committee from the 1970s through to her passing in July this year. She was a dignified and passionate advocate for female education, a strong leader and fierce supporter of her fellow Somerville Sisters. As an avid lifelong traveller, Isabel understood the importance of new experiences and an open mind. As a school teacher, she understood the value of education, and as an only child, she cherished her Somerville Sisters; connections that lasted the decades after school.

Somerville House remains where it currently stands today, due to Isabel’s legendary protection. Her generous legacy also lives on in the many personal gifts to the Foundation - and capital works projects she led the Old Girls to fund, including the Chapel, Murray Evans Sports Complex, new Junior School and Seymour Library. The Bauer Building opened in 2017 was a fitting tribute to this support. Isabel achieved much in her life both within and outside the Somerville community, continuing to actively serve on the OGA Committee as a Life Member, and contribute to robust discussions about Somerville's past, present and future.


If you would like to assist a fellow Somerville woman in pursuing her dreams, contributing to her community and fulfilling her greatest potential, please consider making a contribution to the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary Fund by clicking here. Donations of all sizes will be gratefully received. 


If your business would like to contribute to the bursary, please contact us here - we would love to hear from you!

Please enquire about our sponsorship packages available to both private and business donors.

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