Bjorn Blue - OG Nadia Stacey (Class of 2007) and Michaela Stacey (Class of 2014) are Proud Supporters of the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary

Nov 21, 2020

Somerville Old Girls Nadia Stacey (Class of 2007) and Michaela Stacey (Class of 2014) created blue light glasses company Bjorn Blue - Proud Supporter of Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary


Nadia Stacey (Class of 2007) and Michaela Stacey (Class of 2014) have created a blue light glasses company called Bjorn Blue to help fight digital eye strain they experienced during their years studying at Somerville and at university.


Since graduating Somerville, the sisters have both studied law at university. Nadia studied at QUT and was admitted to the legal profession in 2014. Michaela graduated Griffith law school in 2019 and is currently studying to be admitted to the legal profession in 2021.



While studying long law degrees which required a lot of time on the computer, the sisters noticed their eyes becoming fatigued and tired, suffering from a lack of sleep and headaches. Since both their parents have worked their whole career in the optical industry, they suggested the girls wear a pair of blue light glasses to assist with their digital eye strain.


Wearing blue light glasses immediately assisted the sisters’ problems. As they noticed most of their family and friends were not currently wearing blue light glasses, with the help of their mother who previously retired from optics after working over 40 years in the industry, they decided to open their own line of blue light glasses called Bjorn Blue.


Living in a new age digital world, the eyes are not only exposed to natural blue light but also artificial high energy blue light from our digital devices including computers, LED lighting, TVs and smart phones. Artificial blue light exposure can cause a range of different health issues like headaches, sore and tired eyes and trouble sleeping. Some optical experts such Dr Shelby Temple believe that it can actually be more damaging than UV light to the back of the eye.


To help others experiencing these issues, they set out to offer the best blue light glasses available on the Australian market, designed to filter out the complete harmful blue light spectrum which causes digital eye strain. At 380nm to 435 nm blue light is at its most dangerous to the eye. Bjorn Blue blocks out 100% of dangerous blue light in the 380 to 435nm range, up to 550nm in the gaming glasses.


The girls designed their blue light glasses to be optimal for both day and night use. Bjorn Blue glasses include extra eye protection in the glasses including anti reflective and UV coatings. These coatings protect the eyes from reflections and from UV damage to the eye from sunlight. Harmful UV light can damage the cornea and cells in the back of the eye. All Bjorn Blue glasses are UV 400 compliant.



Nadia & Michaela highly recommend Somerville House OGA Community and their families wear a pair of blue light glasses to protect their eyes, whether they require prescription or not. Nadia uses non-prescription blue light glasses and Michaela wears prescription blue light glasses to protect their eyes.


It was important to the girls to create an ethical brand that gives back to those less fortunate. For this reason, Bjorn Blue partnered with a charity called Restoring Vision. This means for every pair of glasses sold at Bjorn Blue, a pair of reading glasses will be given to someone in need of them. The Restoring Vision foundation are the world's largest non-profit provider of reading glasses to people in need. To date, they have given out over 16 million glasses to people in need in more than 130 countries. What a fabulous achievement!


Congratulations Nadia and Michaela Stacey on your incredible business. We are pleased to announce Bjorn Blue as an official Supporter of the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary. Bjorn Blue offers prescription and non prescription blue light glasses to block blue light from digital devices for better sleep, less headaches and digital eye strain. Nadia and Michaela are pleased to offer 20% discount to all Old Girls on their products as well as donate 20% of the proceeds of any sale made at Bjorn Blue to the Isabel Bauer OGA Bursary. Use code SOMERVILLEOGA at checkout.  If you need assistance you can email It is possible to have your glasses delivered to the school for collection.    


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