Flashback to the Fifties - Memories shared by Patricia Haly (Class of 1954)

Patricia Haly (Class of 1954, pictured below) attended Somerville House from 1949 - 1952. Patricia was a second generation Old Girl with her mother Beresford (Beers) Corrie (later Haly) (Class of 1923) attending Somerville House (1914 - 1923). Her older sister, Elsa Haly (Class of 1953) also attended Somerville House (1949 - 1951). Patricia resides in London UK, where she moved to in 1963. 

We are delighted to share the following special photos and memories from Old Girl Patricia Haly (Class of 1954) including the old running tack, swimming pool, tennis courts and junior school, the Cat's Cradle craze, and life in the Boarding school. Miss Craig was the principal at this time and the boarding house located in Cumbooquepa. Boarding House notes from "The Brisbane High School for Girls Magazine" (as Somerville House was called at this time) report on regular activities at the time for the boarders including Anzac dawn service at Anzac square, Tea on the lawn, tennis parties, fancy dress competitions, youth concerts at City Hall, Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Ballet, live theatre productions, Sunday afternoon choir and dramatic work as well as school dances with the boys from Brisbane Boys College and the Church of England Grammar School (Churchie). Please see separate attachments we have included of exerts from the 1950, 1951 and 1952 school magazines at this time.



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