Welcome to 2021!  We hope all in the community mangaged some downtime over the Christmas and New Year. After a somewhat challenging 2020 we are pleased to be looking ahead to a full calendar of events for the year ahead.  We share with you the following date claimers but remember to check back with us on our website closer to events for updated details and information on how to register for events. 


Date Claimers for 2021

Old Girls who are Current Families Function                   Friday 19th March 

Year 12 School Leavers' Panel                                        Friday 27th August

New Old Girls One Year Reunion for Class of 2020       Friday 3rd September

Year 12 Mother and Daughter Dinner                              Monday 13th September

Commemoration Day                                                       Friday 8th October

OGA Somerville House Birthday Lunch                          Saturday 9th October



We have the following reunions with planning already underway;

  • 10 Year Plus 1 Reunion (Class of 2010) is holding their postponed reunion on Saturday 20th March from 5.00pm at Felons Barrell Hall, Felons Brewing Co. Organiser is Annabelle Chalk (annabellechalk@gmail.com)
  • 61 Year Reunion (Class of 1960) hoping to hold their reunion mid September, 2021. Organiser is Patty Munro (imunro@optusnet.com.au)
  • 30 Year Reunion (Class of 1991). Scheduled for 12th November, 2021. Further details to be advised. Organiser is Anna Walk (anna@zeroh2o.com.au).
  • 30 Year Plus 1 Reunion (Class of 1990).  Scheduled for Saturday 9th October, 2021 at 5.00pm. Organiser is Miriam Musgrave (miriam.musgrave@gmail.com). Further details to be advised. 
  • 40 Year Plus 1 Reunion (Class of 1980). Tentatie Date 1st May, 2021. Organiser is Sue Folliott (suemf@optusnet.com.au).

If your reunion is this year help us to ensure our email distribution list is up to date and encourage fellow alumni to update us with their latest email address. We would like to hear from any organisers for the following reunions;

  • Class of 2016 (5 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 2011 (10 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 2006 (15 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 2001 (20 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1996 (25 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1986 (35 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1981 (40 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1976 (45 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1971 (50 Year Reunion)
  • Class of 1961 (60 Year Reunion)

If you are planning a reunion or would like information about planned reunions please email our Reunion Liaison Miriam Musgrave (miriam.musgrave@gmail.com). We will share with you details of any reunions as confirmed. Reunion information will also be updated on our website HERE


OGA Meeting Dates for 2021

All OGA Members are welcome to attend all general meetings. Only OGA Comittee members are able to attend OGA Committee meetings.

Thursday 11th February (OGA General Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 11th March (OGA Committee Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 8th April (OGA General Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 13th May (OGA Committee Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 10th June (OGA Committee Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 12th August (OGA Committee Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 9th September (OGA Committee Meeting) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 7th October (OGA Committee Meeting ) Fewings Room 7.00pm

Thursday 18th November (OGA AGM) Fewings Room 7.00pm


Email us on connect@somervillehouseoga.com.au with any queries.

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