Class of 1955 - Strength and Support through Regular Catch ups

Our Somerville dinner/lunch group - school finish year of 1955 - started around 37 years ago, initiated by our dear departed school friend Isabel Bauer (Bloomer).

Left to right back row: Mrs Delma Paton (Beard), Mrs Barbara Bedwell (Bishop), Mrs Bernice Kennedy (Ward), Mrs Naomi Judd (Harrison), Mrs Diana Falconer (Allen), Mrs Shirley White (Ward), Mrs Barbara Duhig (Willers)

Left to right front row:Mrs Pam Kenney (Bettenay), Mrs Jennifer Marks (Wornham), Mrs Diana Cummings (Hervey), Mrs Dianne Russell (Stephens)


Many of our group started at Somerville in Kindergarten, others in Junior School and remainder in Sub Junior and finished, in that era, in Junior, Sub Senior or Senior. Our much appreciated and loved teachers from that era bring back many memories.

Isabel was always so enthusiastic about everything to do with Somerville and I think all of us have such happy memories of our school years and have kept these friendships going throughout until we are all now in our early 80’s. I think we are all well aware of the huge contribution Isabel made to the school as President of the OGA for so many years and for always enthusiastically fund raising with day bus/boat trips to so many different places. What a legacy to leave and how excited she was when her first grand-daughter and now second grand-daughter too are/were in classrooms in the building in Junior School named after her - The Bauer Building.

We meet up for our lunches, generally three times in the year and many have other activities they attend together. I met up with another Somerville ‘girl’ as I entered church the other day - a couple of years ahead of us – Gwenda Apel (Godfrey) and that brought back the names of many of the other girls from that year and in-between too. Many of us caught the same trams home to the Coorparoo/Camp Hill areas – how fortunate we were that our parents sent us to such a great school, so very small then to the school we now see today. Hopefully the current students will have as many friends and great memories from their years at school as do we.

Although our group has shrunk considerably due to illness or death, those of us who can, thoroughly enjoy our three gatherings through the year, Shirley White (Ward) often invites us to her home either in Brisbane or Coolum as our luncheon venue. Shirley was the youngest border to be at the school during the war years and loved her years as a border. Even those from different states still enjoy meeting up when they are in Queensland.

I am sure there are many other ‘Old Girls’ who also do the same.

For our last lunch of the year 2020 we invited Isabel’s daughters - Rebecca and Miriam to join us as a last farewell to our dear friend. I am quite convinced that without Isabel’s persistence at the time when our school was possibly going to be SOLD – we would not still enjoy visits to our old school and classrooms today – I think the rally in Vulture Street was classed as ‘the best dressed” rally – with most passing vehicles tooting their support for our cause. One of us on the OGA Committee at that time and present day, are also in our lunch group.

Jennifer Marks (Wornham) Class of 1955


Our group used to have around 30 and at present consists of those named below:

Mrs Wendy Annand (Mellor); Mrs Barbara Bedwell (Bishop); Mrs Diana Cummings (Hervey); Mrs Barbara Duhig (Willers); Mrs Diana Falconer (Allen); Mrs Naomi Judd (Harrison); Mrs Bernice Kennedy (Ward); Mrs Pam Kenney (Bettenay) Mrs Jennifer Marks (Wornham); Mrs Delma Paton (Beard); Mrs Lesley Perry (Spooner) (WA) (a boarder); Ms Tricia Ramsay; Mrs Margaret Remington (Alexander); Mrs Dianne Russell (Stephens); Mrs Barbara Sands (Jenner); Mrs Shirley Underhill (Parker); Mrs Shirley White (Ward) (a boarder);


Next catch up for Class of 1955 is lunch on 9th July, 2021 Kerri Craig Brisbane Arcade

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