Reconnecting at the Old Girls Who Have Current Families Function

Somerville House and the OGA hosted the "Old Girls Who Have Current Families" function in the Chambers Room at Somerville House last Friday 19th March, 2021. 

We were delighted to see so many familiar Old Girls and staff at our annual event providing a great opportunity for Old Girl families who have current students attending the school a chance to reconnect. Liz Washington (OGA President) warmly welcomed all with special thanks to Principal Kim Kiepe,  Deputy Principal Jo Matherson and Head of Junior School Louise Maguire, all in attendence. Much laughter was shared while reminiscing and a number of the Old Girls and families took the opportunity to continue reconnecting at nearby Southbank precinct following the function. 

We would like to thank Libby Duffin (Community Engagement Co-ordinator) for her fantastic organisation in helping to bring this event together. 

We share a couple of photos with you below - please see complete photo gallery HERE.

The Class of 1990 had the most in attendence on the night!

Sarah Fryer, Tracey McFarland (Hunter), Ingrid Robertson (Swanson), Sally Rosario (Neal), Julie Harvey (Nsy), Jane Seaborn (Bird), Miriam Musgrave (Bauer), Jennifer Sharp (Lawrence)

Sally Pohio (Nelson) (Class of 1992), Anne Lutteral (Grierson) (Class of 1988),Tarlan Barrett (Firouz-Abadi) (Class of 1992), Usha Prazer (Class of 1992)

Sarah Fryer (class of 1990), Wendy Brown (Gilchrist) (Class of 1997), Elizabeth Gilchrist AM (Chater) (Class of 1962) and Kim Kiepe (Principal)

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