Invitation to all Old Girls to "Future Proofing our Girls" Seminar

Somerville House Foundation is delighted to extend an invitation to all Old Girls who may be interested in attending a seminar being delivered by Dr Justin Coulson (one of Australia's leading parenting experts covering the interesting topic of toxic perfectionism in students and how to combat this. 

On Thursday 17 June the Somerville House Foundation will host the second of three Futureproofing Our Girls lectures, designed to equip parents with useful strategies and greater awareness to help their daughters.


The Foundation is delighted to extend an invitation to parents of younger Old Girls and OGA members.


Dr Justin Coulson will help parents address toxic perfectionism in their daughtersBe sure to click on this link to hear Justin speaking about the lecture.


Date: Thursday 17 June
Time: 5:45pm for a 6:00pm start

Location: Valmai Pigeon Performing Arts Centre (VPAC)
Host: Dr Wesley Hii, Foundation Director

Guest Speaker: Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s leading parenting experts and highly sought-after international speaker and author.
Topic: ‘I'LL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH’ How to combat toxic perfectionism in students’

Studies highlight that perfectionism really is a thing - and it affects females disproportionately.

Why is that? And more importantly, what can we, as parents, do to diminish the crippling, anxiety-inducing impact of toxic perfectionism.

Join Dr Justin Coulson as we do a deep dive into perfectionism and how it is affecting our students.

We'll explore effective strategies to reduce perfectionistic tendencies and encourage our young people to take risks, make mistakes, and become more resilient and adaptive in the face of academic, social, physical, and psychological challenges.


RegisterBy clicking this link - A nominal registration fee of $20 will apply to ensure those who register do attend. 


Post event: Drinks & Canapés served on the VPAC foyer where attendees can 'debrief' and continue the conversation.


For further information do not hesitate to get in touch with me, my contact details follow.


Ms Petrina Gilmore | Director of Philanthropy | Somerville House Foundation

P +61 7 3033 9289 | E

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