Memories from Megan Elizabeth Haylock (Class of 1947)

The OGA is delighted to present archive photos from Megan Elizabeth Haylock (Class of 1947).

Jean, Marjorie Sword, Shirley, and Megan Haylock - Commemoration Day, 1946

Megan attended the Boarding School at Somerville House for four years, completing both her Junior and Senior exams.  "As the war was still raging, the Boarding section had been relocated to Stanthorpe, and the Americans were using the old school as their East Australian Headquarters. I must admit, I loved boarding, had lots of girls my own age, discipline, routine and school activities. It was very very cold but we went on great walks to many of the orchards and the reward was to pick grapes, apples and stonefruit, and to eat as much as we wished."

"The second year we were back at the old school at South Brisbane. There were still soldiers living in part of the school and that was the year peace was declared with sirens, horns and weekend of celebrations. Life continued in the routine of the school, there were concerts, art shows, exams, detention, church on Sunday and holidays."

Megan passed away on 11th July, 2020. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all family and special thanks to Megan's daughter, Frances Moore for sharing these special memories. 

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Marjorie Sword, Margaret Kime, Nancy, Marie Hocking

Megan Haylock and Joan Stanton

Marjorie Thiele and Roberts sisters

Swimming pool stand

Yard pool

Misses Joan Park, Prentice and Teddy Edwards


Sunday Morning



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