Young Old Girl Feature: Georgina Kinne (Class of 2018) - making it count

Georgina Kinne graduated from Somerville House in 2018 and recently returned to the School to participate in the Somerville House Old Girls' Assocation's School Leavers Panel for the current year 12 students. Following school, Georgina commenced her academic career as a full-time student in Physiotherapy, accepting a scholarship to study Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University in September 2018. Georgina is currently the Vice President for the Brisbane Physiotherapy Society and among other roles, works as a physiotherapy assistant in private practice clinics in Brisbane. Here, she shares her pathway since finishing school, and the tips she'd give her graduating self, if she could step back in time.

Somerville House prepared me for university by encouraging my passions, widening my career view, and informing me about scholarship options. One of the scholarship options was for early acceptance into Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University, where I was successful in passing their acceptance requirements in September, well before sitting the QCS exams. It was the leadership and persuasion from my past sport teachers Leanne Brookes and Suzie Tjin who inspired me to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

My advice to current students is that the pursuit of academic qualifications is something you are prepared for. This doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it does mean you have the foundations tools to take on the independent higher learning needs of tertiary education. Furthermore, your leadership skills honed during school prepares you for leadership roles in university and beyond.

My career plans are to continue studying and am committed to complete a Master of Business Administration and my PhD focusing on Physiotherapy. At this point, I am unsure of my speciality field but am drawn to physiotherapy for astronauts and people working in space.

Until then, I would be encouraging others to supplement their lifestyle with part time work in their field of study.

Personally, I have gained valuable experience from working in physiotherapy clinics as a receptionist and physiotherapy assistant.

I am learning every aspect of the business side of my profession and what systems/processes are needed to support the practicing clinicians. Balancing the daily banking reconciliation and conversing with government agencies, health funds and suppliers is something not covered in the course but is critical for running a business. The added bonus of these roles and responsibilities is independence which has included being able to afford multiple expenses including purchasing my own car, wardrobe and social life.

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Three tips I'd give my year 12 self now:

1. Treat your studies as your one shot and make it count. 
2. Go for every opportunity, it improves your experience and network.
3. Your dream your way.


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