Invitation to be part of our 120th Celebration Video

OGA invites you to join our 120th Celebration Video

Can't make the OGA Lunch? We would love to hear from you.

We know many of our members aren't able to join us for the celebration in-person because they're located

an ocean or border (or two) away from South Brisbane.

However, this year's location is not a hindrance and we'd love you to participate.

How you may wonder?

By submitting a short viedo for our 120th celebration video montage. You will be featured alongside fellow Old Girls from around the world in a video to be played at the 120th Celebration of the Old Girls' Association.

By recording a short message via our dedicated video link below

using the Tribute message service. 

Sample script: Please say your name and maiden name (if applicable), class/year of graduation and where you currently live. Tell us a fond memory of your Somerville House days. We's also love you to share what you are currently doing for work or life in general.

Perhaps end with wishing the Old Girls' Association "Happy 120th Birthday".


Video recording link;


Please join in this fun way to 'Connect' with Old Girls from near and far.

Videos required by Sunday 3rd  October 2021

If you encounter any difficulties or unsure how to participate please don't hesitate to contact us at 









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