Class of 1991 celebrated their 30 Year Reunion at Mofos

Friday 12th November, 2021 saw the Class of 1991 celebrate their 30 year reunion. 

While we were sad to not have our interstate and international friends join us, it was fantastic to have a total of 61 Old Girls in attendance. Starting with a school tour including Cumbooquepba, the sacred grass (previously known as "the quadrangle"), the Chapel, Samuel Seymour Library (formelry Harker Hall site), VPAC and the Foundation Building, it was a real treat to be able to access areas not previously seen, or perhaps forbidden. Many a memory was relived as we traced our old stomping ground. 

After the school tour, we went on to MOFOS (top of the Flight Centre Building) where more of our 1991 cohort met us for drinks and nibblies. Although 30 years had somehow quickly passed us by, when reconnecting with high school friends, it’s almost like time has stood still. I think one thing that really stood out on the night was that even if you had lost touch with some of your high school friends, you always have the fun, hilarious and down right embarrassing memories to reflect upon. The unbreakable bond of the 1991 cohort was very much evident on the night.


Kerry Parker (Martin), Kara Rodwell (Ferguson), Anna Walk (Blakeney) and Jodie Bignall (Lawson)  

Please see complete photo gallery from the event HERE.

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